1. I woke up and learned/recorded a cover of Bob Dylan’s Fourth Time Around. First time I’ve uploaded some music in awhile :)

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    Found a picture from 1993 (year I was born) of my mom and an unknown family member discussing a natal chart on the computer

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    Quick #sketch of #bobdylan. #sketchbook #myart #foreveryoung

  4. This is the story of the hurricane, the man the authorities came to blame.

    Bob Dylan with Rubin Carter.

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  5. paintdeath:

    Being in love erases pain by Harriet Lee Merrion

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  6. I had a dream I had all this money I had forgotten about. Like, 1000’s just chillin’ in my closet, or a bank account I had forgotten about. This is probably because I made all my money for school a month early, and now I have time to myself :). “I’m richer than I think”

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    molly vibes