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    Wes Bentley, Thora Birch, and Mena Suvari | American Beauty (Sam Mendes, 1999)

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  3. Listen/purchase: one last letter down to you by Adam Stewart

    people forgetting,
    dont even know your name
    this isn’t last call, this is a last resort

    when the smoke is all clear
    who’s gonna be standing in the hall

    pickin’ and choosin’ i am not losin’
    when it comes to you

    i just can’t think of you making a choice
    this is your land and i might be a lie

    everything’s dark when it’s in my eyes
    everything’s dark when you’re lookin’ deep inside my eyes
    this is just the winter calling you through a storm

    i never wanted to
    bring yourself

    i think im not about to bring you down

    i’ll just hang around
    i won’t bring you down
    just one last letter down to you
    and we’ll take back a new dawn

    i can feel it on your breath
    coming from your chest

    ola bonita, we’re goin’ down to danny fest
    that is when it started
    did you even know?
    started with a cat
    now we’re layin’ down the tracks


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    Nelina Trubach-Moshnikova

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    Stephen Stills and Neil Young. I read the other day that the reason for the Buffalo Springfield’s breakup was simply the loss of their bass player. Like Young, Bruce Palmer was from Canada and would be busted for driving on acid without a license, getting himself deported back north.

    Also, I haven’t seen Neil use a telecaster before!

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    Untitled, 2014
    Personal work

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    "Two Lesbians Masturbating" by Rich Pellegrino

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  9. Morris Scott Dollens

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    Malika Favre ~ “Kama Sutra” (deluxe edition cover art)